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xF2 Add-on Addon Update Notifier 1.1.8

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  • AUN is not counted when showing the used amount add-ons from the limit
    • The backend already had this, but frontend didn't correctly indicate it.
  • Exclude legacy add-ons, thanks @SeToY
    • Not checked
    • Not counting toward limit
    • Not showing any indicators
  • Added a missing ? to phrase, thanks @Nicolas FR
With the update to automatically push out add-on updates to forums as they are noticed it can become a bit spammy (oops)

Now possible to set the Notification Interval in the add-on options:
  • Instantly
  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Changed the alert text from Addon Update is available to Releases a new version of an installed add-on to make more sense in the context
  • Hide the alert preference if alerts are disabled for all admins in the options
Previous versions did show the "Updates exist for the following add-ons" message to all admins, even those that don't have access to manage add-ons
Thanks for reporting this @otto 👍
The same summary of updateable addons that shows on the ACP index (if enabled) also shows on top of the add-ons page (by default on, can be disabled in options)
  • Bugfix for problem raised by @mcatze
  • Alert now shows the addon icon when new addons are available, as suggested by @otto
Screenshot from 2023-01-07 17-25-15.png
When clicking the "Get your API key here"-link in the addon options, it passes along your forum's boardUrl so you don't have to worry about getting the value right ;)

Screenshot from 2023-01-06 22-08-25.png
  • addon.json metadata now has some useful links, thanks @otto
  • possibility to ignore the current newest version
    • When a newer version is released it will still notify you about the newer version
    • Less clutter in admin/addon if you don't e.g. want to update to a specific version

Screenshot from 2023-01-06 15-09-07.png

Screenshot from 2023-01-06 15-09-47.png
Screenshot from 2023-01-06 15-10-19.png
On new installs (and upgrade if API key is missing) there are now instructions on how to get the addon running:

Screenshot from 2023-01-05 16-33-39.png
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