AI Engine Pro

WP AI Engine Pro 2.1.6 Nulled

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* Update: Pinecone servers.
* Update: Simple API was refactored to be more consistent, and to work with such services as
* Fix: Remove the mwai_files_cleanup event on uninstall.
* Add: Implemented the new OpenAI Assistants (Pro). It's beta, but it's there!
* Update: The former "Assistants" (which were tools in the Admin section) have been renamed into "Utilities".
* Update: Better control of who/what is using the REST API.
* Update: Removed a lot of useless code related to legacy chatbot, finetuning, etc.
* Fix: Conversations were not being logged for known IDs.
* Fix: The value of external select fields was not interpreted correctly.
* Fix: Better validation in the AI Forms.
* Fix: Empty chatbot shorcode will automatically switch to the default chatbot.
* Fix: Issues on mobile with the chatbot.
* Fix: Avoid displaying the rendered HTML in the chatbot when typed by the user.
* Update: Accept function calls without parameters, and make sure the types are correct.
* Fix: Bulk Generate for the new finetunes.
* Fix: Issues with the dropdown position.
* Add: Copy Button in Forms.
* 😇 The Public REST API is now only accessible if the requests are authenticated, to avoid abuse. The process can however be completely overriden. More information [here](
* Add: Added a new "simpleChatbotQuery" endpoint.
* Add: Embeddings Export to JSON.
* Fix: Embeddings Rewrite, Finetunes Entries Generator and WooCommerce Assistant now use correctly the Default Model set in the Settings.
* Update: Set the Batch Size (Hyperparameters) to 4 by default, rather than null.