Script Artifism 2.0.0 Nulled

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New Feature: Document Chat.
New Feature: URL Chat.
New Feature: Image Chat.

Bug Fixing: UTF-8 issue during Image generation.
Bug Fixing: Cancel method on Stripe.
Bug Fixing: Affiliate addon issue.

Improvement: Add new character on voiceover.
Improvement: Date formatted for chat.
Improvement: Next billing date.
Improvement: Extra credit on update.
Improvement: Recaptcha issue.
New Feature: Affiliate.
New Feature: Coupon.
New Feature: Team Member.
New Feature: GDPR.
New Feature: Signup Bonus.
New Feature: Change Landing Page.
New Feature: List & Grid view of gallery.
New Feature: New model of OpenAI.

Bug Fixing: Optimized Design issue.
Bug Fixing: Optimized Funcational issue.

Improvement: Update paypal recurring.
Improvement: Thumbnail creation for large image.
Improvement: Pagination on Image gallery.
Improvement: Bot's reply based on previous messages.
Improvement: Structural format of the bot's response.