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Some people like to have their own menu of a site by their way. To execute this little dream, we created this add-on "Navigation Managers". It allows any usergroup with permissions to create/add an unlimited number of custom tabs and show all it up on the navigation bar. They can modify all the name of tabs, arrange tabs and create new tab urls and links.

For each block you can set the following options:
1) Tab Url.
2) Tab Link.
3) Main Navigation Tab. Here you can decide if you want to place the custom tab in the main navigation bar.
4) Tab Position! This controls where the tab will show up in the main navigation bar. Choose Home, Middle, or End, depending on where you would like to show this custom tab.
5) Sub Navigation Tab. Here you can choose if you would like to display the custom tab in the sub navigation bar as well.
6) Footer Tab. Here you can choose if you would like to display the custom tab in the footer area too.
7) Display Order. Here you can decide the order in which to display the custom tabs.

You should also set the permissions for groups to view the custom tabs on a group per group basis. The permission is called: Can view custom tabs and it is under the General permission tab when editing a group permissions. The only thing is that the custom tab/s will not be highlighted.
You can also fully change the phrases to make it in whatever language you would like.​
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