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You want to plate your homepage as your wishes? You have your own design Homepage and you just don't like the homepage sample that the web designer company recommended?

Just come to us and choose this add-on! It's perfect fit for you. By adding unlimited number of content blocks and managing their position, you can arrange your site as the blueprints.

Notice: The homepage has several built in blocks, and you can add unlimited content. The unlimited content can be added as a center block and/or as sidebar blocks.

This works only inside XenForo and not outside it.

Landing page: To make the homepage as a landing page to your site, after installation go to your Acp->Options->Basic Board Information->Index Page Route. And enter homepage.

Configuration: To configure it, go to Home and all the way to the bottom you will see a new link added called: Homepage. There you can configure the homepage to your needs/likings and/or add your own custom content.

At the Settings area you can do the following things:

1) Enable/disable the homepage.

2) Set the name for the homepage.

3) Set the title for the homepage.

4) Enable Recent Threads front block.

5) Set the limit for how many recent threads you would like to show.

6) Exclude forums from having threads showing in the Recent Threads block.

7) Enable Today 's Birthdays sidebar block.

8) Enable Recent Posts sidebar block.

9) Set the limit for how many recent posts you would like to show.

10) Exclude forums from having posts showing in the Recent Posts block.

11) Enable Top Posters sidebar block.

12) Set the limit for how many top posters you would like to show.

13) Set pagination for the homepage center blocks so it will prevent that your custom content stretches/scrolls the page for too long.

To add unlimited center blocks go to: Add Center Block. There you can choose the type of block that you want to add, html, php or Smiley&BB Code.

To use php in your content, use the $output variable to out put the code. For ex: $output = 'Hello World!';

Or to display the user 's name:

 $visitor = XenForo_Visitor::getInstance();
$output = "Hello ". $visitor['username']. ".";

To manage your center blocks go to: List Center Blocks.

To add unlimited sidebar blocks go to: Add Sidebar Block. There you can choose the type of block that you want to add, html, php or Smiley&BB Code.

To use php in your content, use the $output variable to out put the code. For ex: $output = 'Hello World!';

Or to display the user 's name:

 $visitor = XenForo_Visitor::getInstance()
;$output = "Hello ". $visitor['username']. ".";

You can log the publish date and count the views for the center blocks.

You can also set the display order of the center and/or sidebar blocks with ease.

You can ban a group and/or groups from viewing the permissions at the User Group Permissions->Homepage Permissions->Ban from viewing the homepage: Set this to allow and save the changes.

And as last but least, User Permissions for the recent posts and threads blocks are carried intact for both, recent threads and recent posts blocks. Meaning, users will see only the contents that they have permissions to.
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