[DBTech] DragonByte Credits

xF2 Add-on [DBTech] DragonByte Credits 5.8.4

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Update highlights
This version fixes various issues reported by the community.

Complete Change Log
The currency setting "Maximum Earned" did not work as intended
Fix: Internal change to fix a developer-only issue
Fix: Fix missing phrase in Approval Queue
Update highlights

This version implements the ability to disable the richest users' amounts in the overlay and widgets, as well as fixing a reported bug.

Complete Change Log

Feature: Per-currency option to disable richest users' amounts in overlay
Feature: Disable richest users' amounts in widget
Fix: Fix potential server error when merging posts
Update highlights

This version corrects an issue with the new cron job in Beta 1 where it would not correctly insert new transactions due to the nature of cron jobs running as guest user.

Complete Change Log

Fix: The Daily Activity event would not properly trigger while in a cron job
Update highlights

This version fixes an issue with the currency privacy setting, as well as a few PHP 8.1 related issues.

Complete Change Log

Fix: Fix an issue where the "Show to self and designated user groups" currency privacy setting did not apply correctly
Fix: Content type reference in the Transaction entity
Fix: Fix PHP 8.1 compatibility issue
* **Fix:** When viewing options from pages other than the "Settings" page, a server error could be generated *2021-07-20*
Update highlights

v5.7.3 introduced a bug where the post author was charged for others unlocking their content, this has now been resolved.

Complete Change Log

Fix: Fix regression in 5.7.3 with CHARGE tags
Update highlights

This version fixes a couple issues reported by the community. Most notably, it permits the Registration event to function for forums that require moderation or email confirmation prior to the user being put in a "Valid" user state.

Complete Change Log

Fix: Fixed an issue where integrating with DB Shop would cause a server error if the DB Shop menu is disabled
Fix: Fixed an issue where Registration events would not apply if the user required moderation or email confirmation
Update highlights

This version makes internal improvements to the [CHARGE] BBCode parser in order to prepare it for upcoming functionality where it can be used to charge for other content types other than posts.

This version also resolves a few other edge case issues reported by the community.

Complete Change Log

Change: Make the Charge BBCode parser a bit more dynamic to prepare for other content types
Fix: If the event or currency pertaining to a particular transaction has been deleted, don't try to check permissions
Fix: Fix issue with the Credits payment profile
Update highlights

This version introduces a few major features.

Where possible, a transaction will link back to the content it originated from. For thread / post events, no titles are displayed as that could potentially cause privacy issues, but clicking on the link will do all the normal permission checks.

The "Maximum applications" event limitation can now be applied per-user rather than globally. This resolves an issue where certain events make more sense to limit per-user and certain events globally.

A few reported bugs were also resolved, the most important of which being a case where the Payment event could fail. To resolve this, old Payment alerts have been removed (even if they were unread), as the data stored alongside these alerts has changed.

Complete Change Log

Feature: Link back to the content related to a transaction
Feature: The "Maximum applications" event limitation can now be applied per-user rather than globally
Change: Reworked the installer to make it more manageable going forward
Change: Points columns are now stored with a hard cap of 8 decimals
Change: When Smart Negation is enabled, Negation events will not occur if a matching Apply event is not found
Change: Remove prefix and suffix from currency alert template
Fix: Certain broken threads could produce a server error on rebuild
Fix: XF Media Gallery Comment class extension would eat comments
Fix: Paying with credits could cause a server error in certain circumstances
Fix: Alert opt out phrase for the Payment event was missing
Fix: If no previous transaction existed, ensure we set a sensible default when negating a transaction
Fix: Do not block charged events the user cannot afford if the currency allows negative amounts
Fix: Broken "Payment" event alerts have been deleted
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