[DBTech] DragonByte User Tagging

xF2 Add-on [DBTech] DragonByte User Tagging 1.7.5

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Update highlights

This version adds a missing phrase that would show up if someone tried to tag a non-existent user in a thread.

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Fix: Fix missing phrase for thread user tagging
Update highlights

This version fixes an issue preventing the "Toggle BBCode" button from working.

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Fix: Fix compatibility issues with the new version of Froala
Update highlights

This update fixes an issue where the alerts for mentions would be hidden if the user group mentions feature was enabled. Sorry about that

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Fix: Fixed an issue where the user group mention feature would prevent mentioned user alerts from going through
Update highlights

This update adds a new feature that was requested by our customers: The ability to browse, search & delete hash tags via the AdminCP.

The browser will display each individual usage of a hash tag, so if for instance the hash tag "test" appeared in 50 different posts, there would be 50 different entries in this list. Clicking on each individual hash tag usage will bring up an overlay containing a quick link to the content in question.

You can also delete individual hash tags, though it is worth noting that this will not remove the BBCode from the post. Removing the BBCode would simply result in the hash tag being re-added to the system.

The other significant feature in this update is the ability to receive email notifications when you're tagged in a thread. You can control the registration defaults via the "User registration" options page, and each user can control their email preferences via the Preferences page. These emails also make use of XF2's "Email Stop" system, so users can opt out without needing to be logged in.

Complete Change Log

Feature: Hash tag browser in the AdminCP
Feature: Email notifications for thread tags
Change: Deleting a hash tag will now also recalculate the usage statistics
Change: Slightly reworked the content tag alerts to be content type specific
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