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- **new:** Added PHP 8.2 support
- **fix:** Fixed an issue where the HTML entities are appearing on the store category name if the user provided any special characters.
- **fix:** Fixed progress bar percentage calculation for address and payment information in the Dokan seller setup wizard.
- **fix:** Fixed an issue where the variable subscriptions product input fields are showing on variable product variations.
- **fix:** Fixed an issue where the bulk product variation creation does not add a menu order to each variation.
- **fix:** Fixed an issue where if a Marketplace coupon is created excluding a product, the coupon is not applied to any product.
- **fix:** Vendor-specific coupon issue - This fix prevents coupons that are meant for a single vendor from being applied to products from other vendors. This issue was caused by a logic error in the coupon validation function. The fix corrects the logic and ensures that the coupon is only valid for the intended vendor.
- **fix:** Coupon validation issue for vendor-specific coupons - This fix ensures that coupons that are generated by the admin for a specific vendor or store are only applicable to the products from that vendor or store.
- **fix:** Fixed an issue where no error messages were displayed for invalid coupons on the cart page.
- **fix:** [Auction] Fixed an issue where the vendors were not able to add downloadable files for auctionable products. The problem arises when vendors attempt to save a downloadable product with an attached file – despite receiving an update confirmation, the file fails to save correctly. This issue has been resolved.
- **fix:** [StoreReview] Fixed an issue where after deleting Store Reviews from the WP Admin Dashboard > Dokan > Store Review screen, the review count remains unchanged on the top of the review list.
- **fix:** [TableRateShipping] Fixed a periodic fatal error after calling Google Distance Matrix API if the API response takes a long time to respond due to network error.
- **fix:** [RequestForQuote] Fixed inconsistent Priority between the "Add to Cart" and "Add to Quote" Buttons on the Simple and Variable Products page.
- **fix:** [RequestForQuote] Removed the "X" button from the Quote Details After the Quote has been Converted to Order.
- **fix:** Many strings in Dokan shipping settings and related screens cannot be translated using WPML (#2162)
This pull request fixes an issue where some strings in the Dokan shipping settings and related screens were not translatable using the WPML plugin. This change improves the localization and accessibility of the Dokan plugin for multilingual users and customers.
- **fix:** [StripeExpress] Performance improvement for Stripe Express module.
Previously, the Add to Cart button and proceed to the checkout page took extra time to load. With this release, we've fixed the loading time issue.
- **new:** [Announcement] Introduce API for vendor announcements.
1. `dokan/v1/announcement/notice/{notice_id}` For Getting, updating, deleting single notice data
2. `dokan/v1/announcement` For getting all the announcement records. Parameters `vendor_id, search, status, read_status, from, to` are now supported
- **new:** [DokanAuction] Previously vendors could not duplicate auction products from the vendor dashboard. After this update vendors will be able to duplicate auction products.
- **update:** [DeliveryTime] Enhanced Validation and Descriptive Messages: We've added several validation checks and descriptive messages to the "delivery time" admin settings, making it easier to configure and understand.
- **update:** [DeliveryTime] Order Notifications: Order update email notifications will now only be triggered when there are updates to the order's delivery time and/or date, ensuring that customers receive relevant information.
- **update:** [DeliveryTime] Revamped Vendor Dashboard: We've updated the design of the delivery time settings in the vendor dashboard, providing a more user-friendly and intuitive experience.
- **update:** [DeliveryTime] Improved Date Selection: Non-available dates are now automatically disabled on the admin dashboard when editing orders, simplifying the process of selecting delivery dates and times.
- **update:** [StripeExpress] Improved Stripe Account Deletion: Synced Removal from Admin Dashboard.
In the past, when an admin deleted a Stripe account from the admin dashboard on the user edit page, the Stripe settings were only removed locally, while the remote user account on Stripe remained unaffected. With this update, we've enhanced the process. Now, when you delete a Stripe account from the admin dashboard, not only will the local settings be deleted, but the corresponding remote Stripe user account will also be removed. This ensures a synchronized and comprehensive removal process for a more efficient and consistent user experience.
- **update:** [VendorDiscount] Replaced vendor discount implementation with coupons.
The vendor discount system has been overhauled to incorporate coupons for both Product Quantity Discounts and Order Discounts. The new system automatically generates and applies coupons based on cart items and order total, which enhances the user experience and streamlines vendor discounts. This will also fix some of the issues related to vendor discounts our users were having till now.
- **update:** [Booking] Added missing `Linked Products Section` under Booking Product Edit Page
- **fix:** [DeliveryTime] Fixed an issue where users got a fatal error under the checkout page if the corresponding vendors didn’t add their store address.
- **fix:** Fixed a typo under Add New Vendor Modal
- **fix:** [SingleStepProductCreate] Fixed some issues like product data not being saved for the first time when the single step product create feature is enabled.
- **fix:** [ProductAddons] Fixed some translation issues under vendor dashboard → Settings page.
- **fix:** [MangoPay] Fixed the automatic connection of the vendor account to Mangopay.
Previously, when a customer transitioned to become a vendor, their vendor account is automatically linked to a MangoPay account without the need to submit a connection request. Now the issue is resolved.
- **fix:** [StoreSupport] Fixed an issue where the new support ticket email was not sent to the admin and corresponding vendors.
- **fix:** [StripeConnect] Fixed an issue where the Dokan Stripe Connect is no longer showing the webhook url under payment gateway settings page description help text.
- **fix:** [RMA] Fixed an issue where overriding the RMA for a variable product was not working. With this release, the problem was resolved by fetching RMA data from the parent product if the cart item is a product variation.
- **fix:** [PayPalMarketplace] Fixed an issue where the pop up to connect the PayPal account of the vendors wasn’t working in Firefox browser.
- **fix:** [VendorShipping] Fixed an issue where the Shipping Zones were missing under the vendor dashboard on newly created sites.
- **fix:** Live Search option `Autoload Replace Current Content` under Dokan admin settings now replaces the page content for displaying product list under frontend.
- **fix:** [VendorShipping] Fixed an issue where the admin were getting fatal error while storing shipping zone data under WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping
- **fix:** [VendorDiscount] Addressed an issue with Product Quantity Discounts on Variable Products. The update ensures correct commission allocation to administrators and accurate earnings for vendors, maintaining financial integrity.
- **fix:** [VendorDiscount] Resolved discrepancies in order totals between Vendor Orders and Order Details when both Product Quantity and Order Discounts are applied. This fix ensures consistency and prevents mismatch alerts during a refund.
- **fix:** [VendorDiscount] Implemented fixes for incorrect tax calculations, ensuring accurate tax amounts are applied and displayed in accordance with the applied discounts.
- **fix:** [VendorDiscount] Updated the Order Details to correctly show discounts on subscription products, ensuring all discounts are transparently and accurately reflected.
- **fix:** In the past, when an admin deleted the auto-generated page for the Request for Quote module, clicking the “Request a Quote” button would erroneously redirect users to the home page. However, with this recent update, if the page is no longer available, the Request for Quote auto-generated page will be recreated, and users will be correctly redirected to the appropriate page.
- **fix:** Fixed an issue where the `Shipping Status` cannot be changed from the `Order Details` page
- **fix:** [PayPalMarketplace] Fixed an issue where the "Refund via Dokan PayPal Marketplace" Option was missing for the booking products order that needed confirmation.
- **fix:** Fixed an issue where the `Inventory` tab is appearing for the Dokan Subscription products when the WooCommerce Simple Auction plugin is activated.
- **fix:** Fixed a fatal error while trying to "batch update wholesale customer" with non-existing user ids
- **fix:** Fixed an issue where the geolocation of a product is not working when adding a new bookable product.
- **update:** Displaying wholesale price on product category archive which was missing on the earlier version of Dokan Pro
- **update:** [SellerVacation] Displaying Seller Vacation message on a single product page, previously there was no way for the customers to know if the seller was on vacation until they visited the single store page.
- **new:** [Auction] Added Single Step Product Creation feature for Auction Products
- **new:** [StripeExpress] Added a new hook named `dokan_stripe_express_account_capabilities` so that account capabilities values can be changed.
- **update:** Added refund request approval method ( Manual or via API ) choice added for Admin.
Previously, the admin only controlled the refund processing method (manual or via Payment Gateway API) through Admin settings and during sending a new refund request, the vendor had to make the choice for Manual or Refund through Payment Gateway API. But that is confusing for both the admin and vendors.
Now Admin has the choice to approve the process of the refund manually or through Payment Gateway API.
The Admin settings related to Refund via API have been completely removed, streamlining the functionality. Additionally, the code has been refactored to accommodate these changes and introduced a new filter called dokan_pro_automatic_process_api_refund_enabled. This filter allows programmatic control over the option to refund via API and comes with a default value of true.
Moreover, new features have been added to enhance the user experience. A new row action called "Refund via [Gateway Name]" (Like Refund via PayPal) has been introduced, specifically designed for the designated Payment Gateway that supports Rafund. Support for this action has also been integrated into the REST API. Furthermore, a new bulk action called "Refund via Payment Gateway" has been implemented, providing users with the ability to process refunds in bulk via the REST API.
To address performance issues, the codebase has been refactored to resolve the caching problem related to the get_items function, ensuring smoother operation. Additionally, the information pill displayed on the table header, which previously informed users about the activation of Refund via API admin settings, has been removed for a cleaner interface.
As for user interface improvements, the "Manual" pill has been replaced with a "Completed" tab, providing a clearer indication of the refund status. Moreover, the refund button's appearance and logic have been updated specifically for non-Dokan payment gateways, enhancing consistency throughout the platform.
These changes aim to enhance functionality, improve performance, and provide a more seamless experience for users utilizing refund-related features within the application.
- **update:** [VendorSubscription] Added a new feature to restrict vendors from purchasing recurring subscription products using non-adaptive payment gateways.
- **update:** Changed all the single date picker fields with date range picker. These updates will keep the design consistent throughout the plugin.
- **fix:** [AdminCoupon] Fixed an issue where the admin commission is incorrect, while a coupon makes a product's price a decimal number.
- **fix:** [Booking] Fixed mobile responsiveness issue of booking product creation page for vendors.
- **fix:** [Auction] Fixed an issue where the Auction product bypassed the product status feature when edited by vendors.
- **fix:** [StoreReview] Fixed an issue where the Dokan Vendor Reviews on the Store Page - Display Add review button after the tab title and reviews.
- **update:** [VendorSubscription] With this updates, after the successful purchase of a recurring subscription, the vendor will get a email notification.
- **update:** [Announcement] Vendor search box initial search placeholder text and no vendor found message has been updated to reduce confusion during initial search. on the admin dashboard for initial searching of the vendors.
- **update:** [StoreListAPI/Geolocation] Added Geolocation filter support for Store list API.
- **update:** [Wholesale] Added `no name` text on wholesale customer table for user with no first name and last name.
- **update:** Various style improvements of Dokan frontend including Vendor Dashboard, Single Store Page, Single Product Page etc.
- **update:** [SPMV] Display store name instead of full name on Assigned product to vendors search box on admin dashboard product edit page.
- **fix:** [Coupon] Fixed an issue where the excluded product feature of a coupon was not working as expected,
- **fix:** [DeliveryTime] Fixed an issue where the translation of "am" and "pm" is not working as expected for store open and close feature.
Previously, after translating am|pm to another language. Delivery time on vendor dashboard section was not working properly. After the update the mentioned issue will be fixed.
- **fix:** [VendorShipping] Added vendor shipping support for `Location not covered by your other zones`.
- **fix:** [Wholesale] Fixed an issue where the customer can't become a wholesale customer if previously bought a WooCommerce product subscription [which changes the user role to subscriber]
- **fix:** [Wholesale] Fixed an issue where wholesale products can’t be created via REST API.
- **fix:** [SPMV] Fixed a fatal error while searching products via API while not providing any argument like `product_id`, Endpoint: `{{SERVER_URL}}/wp-json/dokan/{{version}}/spmv-product/search`
- **fix:** [SPMV] Fixed a fatal error while trying already cloned product to cart, `Endpoint: {{SERVER_URL}}/wp-json/dokan/{{version}}/spmv-product/add-to-store`
- **fix:** [VendorDashboard] Fixed an issue where the values of attributes are not appearing on the edit product page of Dokan Vendor Dashboard (new).
- **fix:** [Booking/AddOns] Fixed an issue where product Add-ons section wasn’t loading uder Add New Booking page.
- **fix:** [VendorVerification] Fixed an issue where the SMS Verification and Social Verification does not appear in the Dokan: Verification widget on the single store page if either one among ID Verification, Address Verification, or Company Verification is not verified
- **fix:** Update hash algorithm from md5 to sha256 for improved security for Cookies storage, also included serialized data in hash calculation to ensure data integrity.
- **fix:** Fixed a fatal error on withdraw page if user updated only Dokan Pro. This was due to a hook incompatibility used on Dokan Pro.
- **fix:** [Withdraw] Fixed an issue where the {amount} placeholder is not working for the Dokan New Withdraw Request email template.
- **fix:** Fixed an issue where Date-Range selection calendar under vendor dashboar were broken on various themes.
- **fix:** [VendorSubscription] Fixed an issue where vendor subscription product can be assigned to any vendor.
With this fix, while creating a subscription product, the vendor section will be hidden.
- **fix:** Fixed an issue where the "Become A Wholesale Customer" feature gets removed by removing the "Become A Vendor" feature via hook.
- **fix:** [ShippingStatus] Fixed an issue where {title} & {message} placeholders do not work for the Shipping Status Notification for Customer email template
- **fix:** [VendorSubscription] Fixed an issue where Dokan Vendor Subscription Product can not be purchased if admin enables catalog mode feature.
- **fix:** [Geolocation] Fixed an issue where store listing location filtering wasn’t working if map radius is set to zero.
- **fix:** [DeliveryTime] Fixed an issue wehre email was not triggered if the vendor changes delivery time information from Vendor Dashboard → Order details page.Now customers will be notified about the changes by vendor.
- **fix:** [StripeExpress] Fixed an issue 'no such customer' error while purchasing a vendor subscription product
- **fix:** [StripeExpress] Fixed an issue where vendor subscription product can’t be purchased with discounted amount if Coupon code is applied to the cart.
- **fix:** [StripeExpress] Fixed initial payment and recurring payment amount if discount code is applied while purchasing a vendor subscription product using Stripe Express.
- **fix:** [SocialLogin] Fixed an issue where Apple SSO wasn’t working due to the composer package version inconsistency of PHP-JWT library
- **fix:** Fixed a fatal error when using Elementor Pro's My Account Widget with Dokan Pro
Before this update, when using Elementor Pro's My Account widget to render the My Account page with the Dokan Pro plugin, certain circumstances triggered a PHP error exception. With the latest update, all scenarios have been addressed, ensuring that no PHP error exceptions are encountered.
- **fix** [Booking] Fixed an issue where the Booking product is published directly, even though the product status is set to pending review from the Dokan settings.
- **fix:** Fixed an issue where duplicating a product bypasses the Product Status setting under the Admin Dashboard → Dokan → Settings → Selling Options
- **fix:** [VendorSubscription] Fixed in issue where bulk publishing product changing published product to pending based on Admin’s Product Status setting
- **fix:** There were couple of issues based on the admin `Publish Product` Settings and Vendor’s `Publish Product Directly` capabilities. We’ve tested all the scenarios and provided fix if necessary.

- **update:** [Booking] Removed unnecessary product type filter from Vendor Dashboard Booking product list page.
- **update:** [ColorSchemeCustomizer] Integrated Color Scheme Customizer support for Vendor Dashboard hamburger menu background for mobile view.
- **update:** [Booking] Made Vendor dashboard add resources section behaviour consistent with backend (WordPress Admin → Add New Booking Product) add resource section.
- **update:** [Auction] Added Product Advertisement feature support for Auction products
- **update:** [Booking] Added Product Advertisement feature support for Bookable products
- **update:** [VendorStaff] Fixed some issue with email templates for vendor staff module
- **update:** Removed the setting `Edited Product Status` and renamed `New Product Status` to `Product Status` from Admin Dashboard → Dokan → Settings → Selling Options.
Previously, there were two different settings for the product status after creating a new product or updating a product: New Product Status and Edited Product Status. However, with the latest update, the Edited Product Status setting has been removed and the New Product Status setting has been renamed to Product Status. This single setting will be applied for both new and edited products. It’s important to note that the Publish Product Directly capability for vendors will take priority as usual.
- **update:** Removed `Product Mail Notification` setting from Admin Dashboard → Dokan → Settings → Selling Options.
Previously, the `Product Mail Notification` setting wasn’t working even though the setting was disabled. Since Dokan New Product and Dokan New Pending Product email already include the enable/disable feature, this setting is redundant.
- **update:** Added a button to reset filter options on the product list page under the vendor dashboard.
- [VendorSubscription] Fixed an issue where subscription was getting cancelled automatically.
- **fix:** [Commission] Fixed an issue where the combine commission wasn't working.
- **fix:** [StoreSupport] Fixed an issue where the Store Support button wasn't working on the Single Product and Single Order Details page
- **fix:** [Elementor/SocialShare] Fixed an issue where the Store Support and Social Share button wasn't working on the Single Store Page template
- **fix:** [SPMV] Fixed some warnings under vendor dashboard Add/Edit product page while searching for product via SPMV(Single Product Multi Vendor) module.
- **fix:** Fixed a fatal error while creating a bookable product if YITH Brands plugin wasn't installed.