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Simple, intuitive and fully responsive WHMCS theme

This is a fully responsive WHMCS theme, offering a choice of different styles and layouts for maximum user experience.

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Latest updates

  1. Version 2.1.2 Released 6th of November 2022 Compatible with WHMCS 8.6.x

    Client Area NEW Compatibility with WHMCS 8.6.x. NEW Support for PHP 8.1. NEW New setting for...
  2. Version 2.1.1 Released 10th of June 2022

    Compatible with WHMCS 8.5.0 Client Area NEW Compatibility with WHMCS 8.5.0. NEW New setting for...
  3. Version 2.1.0 Released 12th of April 2022 Compatible with WHMCS 8.4.x

    Client Area NEW Settings for “Services List” page - Option to hide/show inactive services. NEW...
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