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[MSC] - Overall fixes
[UPD] - Updated composer packages
[ADD] - Added support for Embed Images for Mailgun Web Api
[BUG] - Fix a bug in the Symfony Mailer implementation for embed images
[RMV] - Deprecated AppInitHelper::fixRemoteAddress
[ADD] - Added options to tell the app it is running under a reverse proxy so that it extracts the right IP addresses for visitors
[SEC] - Fixed a bug that allowed guest users to bypass the anti-brute login mechanism and do more login requests that allowed
[CHG] - Changed the way we retrieve the IP addresses of visitors. See IP detection changes since v2.1.10 | The MailWizz KB
[BUG] - The search extension would show the search modal in the login screen when it should not
[ADD] - Implemented backoff/throttle for failed login attempts
[ADD] - Added Warmup Plans for delivery servers, to build sender reputation over a period of time. See Delivery Servers Warmup Plans | The MailWizz KB
[UPD] - CSS updates
[MSC] - Overall fixes
[UPD] - Updated composer packages
[MSC] - Overall fixes
[UPD] - Updated composer packages
[BUG] - Unparsed URLs in web version when opened without a subscriber identifier
[CHG] - Bounces / FBLs / EBMs will not be identified via custom headers anymore BUT only via the original message id
[RMV] - Removed all custom headers used to identify a campaign / subscribers, we're using the Message-Id header now
[BUG] - URL would not be normalised in some cases when doing redirects for tracking
[BUG] - Possible duplicate open tracking pixel under certain circumstances
[ENH] - Make sure we add the open tracking pixel only if it does not exists in the content
[BUG] - Remove Postmark delivery server casting to array which would cause the message to deliver but report it did not
[MSC] - Overall fixes
[UPD] - Updated composer packages
[ADD] - Added a new chart in the list overview showing the growth/shrink over a period. The hourly cron is handling creating the counters
[MSC] - Overall fixes
[UPD] - Updated composer packages
[ADD] - Added Domains Blacklist
[ADD] - Added ability to add subscribers to Customer Blacklist from customer area with one click
[ADD] - Added ability to remove items from Queue Monitor if they are too old(24H) in the processing state
[ADD] - Confirmation step of the campaign will tell the estimated number of recipients for that campaign
[ADD] - Survey fields can get default values now. If you need to default on subscriber values, just use the subscriber tag from your list with the SUBSCRIBER_ prefix, i.e: [SUBSCRIBER_EMAIL]
[ADD] - Added A/B Testing feature for Autoresponders subject lines
[ADD] - Added scroll indicator for delivery server popup and Campaign Quick View popup
[ADD] - Added A/B Testing subjects in the Campaign Quick View popup
[ADD] - Campaign status can now be modified from the API update endpoint
[ADD] - Campaign test emails will now get the [TEST] prefix on subject lines
[ADD] - Added ability to decide if customers can use recurring campaigns or not
[BUG] - Fix a bug in customer controller for guests where we wrongly referenced the API key to send new customers details to a MailWizz list
[ADD] - Add list display name as page title in public list pages, such as subscribe form
[ADD] - Added an optional name property for Bounce / FBL / Email Box Monitors, for easier identification
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[BUG] - Fix Phpass reference error in the installer
[CHG] - Switched the Cron Expression Parser library
[BUG] - Fix failed delivery when using performance flags to not take delivery usage logs into consideration were set
[UPD] - Updated composer packages
[MSC] - Overall fixes
[UPD] - Updated composer packages