Script MultiSaas 2.1.1 Nulled

No permission to download
[added] some media file added in mediaSeed

[fixed] Newspaper header left sidebar collapse button not worked issue [fixed] general basic setting minor modified
[fixed] Minor changes on TenantDemoDataSeederMethod
[fixed] static font removed
[fixed] breadcrumb issue fixed
[fixed] Tenant-demo-data.json file missing issue fixed.
[fixed] WidgetFooter demo data serialised issue fixed.
[fixed] General/Color Settings issues fixed.
[fixed] General/Application Settings after app_name change site down issue [fixed] Landlord er General Settings/Basic Settings site down issue fixed.
[added] Hotel Booking Module (Plugin + Theme [premium])
[added] blog reply features added
[added] new settings added in general settings
[added] application settings added in admin panel
[added] webp support added
[added] Contact form without map addon added and working on blog comment reply
[added] Header mask Image and hand image show/hide option added for donation

[fixed] subscription renew Issue fixed
[fixed] product name type change column modified
[fixed] image gallery tab issue fixed
[fixed] Donation single page design issue fixed
[fixed] shop filter and attraction design issue fixed
[fixed] eCommerce Modules issues fixed
[fixed] theme visibility issue fixed
[fixed] widget builder error fixed
[fixed] Event payment log dataTable issue fixed
[fixed] Worked on Service category filter issue
[fixed] related products price mismatch issue fixed
[fixed] Category product filter issue fixed
[fixed] default SMTP option added for tenant
[fixed] manual payment gateway issue solved
[fixed] Product variant Price not change, select all attribute issue fixed
[fixed]product details page product variant issue
[fixed] blog summerNote old value note formatting issue fixed
[fixed] Expired date null issue fixed on Quick Tenant create
[fixed] multilang added on footer widget and some more modificaton
[fixed] Worked on wedget Area
[fixed] blog data is not saving issue solved
[fixed] fixed new language not adding 500error issue
[fixed] email template issue solved
[fixed] ecommerce addon padding not working from page builder
[fixed] Menu target action issue fixed on MenuBuilderFrontendRender
[fixed] Product title and subtitle visible issue solved on shop page
[fixed] shop page image size issue fixed
[fixed] buy now button ,server error issue fixed
[fixed] language controller validation issue solved
[fixed] product image slider showing gallery image even if there are not image issue solved
[fixed] product title, description not showing issue resolved
[fixed] custom domain invalid domain, validation issue fixed
[fixed] user dashboard coupon 500 error fixed
[fixed] barber shop responsive navbar issue resolved
[fixed] fixed SEO related issue for static page of landlord and tenant
[fixed] appointment admin panel view button.
[fixed] button showing login, if url not found button will not show
[fixed] 404 page issue
[fixed] payment gateway seeding issue fixed
[fixed] appointment module payment page flash msg show option added
[fixed] barber shop js issue fixed
[fixed] data seeder widget data error issue solved
[fixed] 404 page custom css support added
[fixed] blog route with www not working issue solved
[fixed] tenant theme setting update
[fixed] IsManualPamyment trait created and manual_payment issue modified
[fixed] admin landlord newsletter page error fixed
[fixed] Manual_payment issue fixed and invoice button visibility condition added
[fixed] widget seeder unserialise data issue solved
[fixed] donation home page header demo data edit issue solved
[fixed]version update added in seeder file
[added] New barber shop theme (Feature Added)
[added] Appointment & Booking System (Feature Added)
[added] Tenant Instruction system (Feature Added)
[added] Demo data settings of appointment and page builder (Donation home)
[added] Theme set and import system (Feature Added)
[added] Bank transfer and manual payment separated (Feature added)
[added] Plugin Manage (Feature Added)
[Fixed] Bug Fixed
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