[OzzModz] Country Registration Ban

xF2 Add-on [OzzModz] Country Registration Ban 2.2.0 Beta 1

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Compatible XF Versions
  1. 2.1
  2. 2.2
Ban countries (or entire continents) from registering on your site and optionally remove the register tab when someone is from a country that is banned.

This add-on uses MaxMind's GeoLite2-Country database and MaxMind's DB Reader. This add-on does not require mod_geoip to be installed on your server.

All users of this add-on must obtain their own license key from MaxMind and enter it in the add-on options.

To obtain a license key, see this:

How do I generate a license key? | MaxMind Support Center

License keys are used to authorize access to query our web services and download databases. When you create a new MaxMind account, you may generate a license key by logging in and navigating to ‘My License Key’ underneath ‘Services’ on the left-hand navigation menu. You may also access the page...
This add-on connects to the MaxMind database site to download the MaxMind database when you enter your license key in the add-on options. If it is unable to connect to MaxMind, the add-on will not function until it is able to connect and download the database. THERE IS A DELAY between the time you get your key and when the key becomes active. If you enter your key before it's active, the database will not be downloaded, your key will not be saved and an error will be thrown.

Q. How do I get a MaxMind key to use with this addon?

A. Sign up for a free account at
GeoLite2 Sign Up | MaxMind

Once you have an account click on the "My License Key" link in the left hand menu. from there you set up the key,


MaxMind key screen

Once you click on confirm, make sure you copy the key, as that is the only time the full key is shown. You then enter that key in the addons options.

Q. I already have a MaxMind key to use with Country Flags By IP, do I need another one?

A. No, you can use the same key.

Q. I got my key, but I can't save it in the adon options, it gives me an error, "Maxmind Error 401: Unauthorized "?

A. Tthere is a delay between the time you get your key and the time it becomes active. Wait 1/2 hour or so before entering it in the addon options.
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