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WP Premium Addons PRO 2.8.2 Nulled

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- Tweak: Facebook Feed widget styling improved for RTL sites.
- Fixed: Conflict with Elementor Pro templates.
- Fixed: Even layout not working with Carousel Infinite Autoplay in social reviews widgets.
- Fixed: Carousel Navigation Arrows color/size controls not working in Instagram Feed widget.
- New: Added Horizontal Scroll widget.
- Tweak: Added `Animation Duration` option in Animated Gradient section add-on.
- Tweak: Added Chinese to Language option for Facebook Messenger Chat widget.
- Tweak: Added `Whole Box Link` option in Icon Box widget.
- Tweak: Added `Load Chart on Scroll/Page Load` option in Charts widget.
- Tweak: Added `Animation Duration` option in Charts widget.
- Fixed: Filters by rating not working properly when review rating is not set in Facebook Reviews widget.
  • Tweak: Added new effects for Ken Burns add-on.
  • Tweak: Added `Reverse Direction` for mousemove parallax in Image Layers widget.
- Tweak: Added `Floating Effects` to Image Layers widget.
- Tweak: Added `Zoom In/Out` option for each layer in Ken Burns add-on.
- Tweak: Added Spinner styling option for loading spinner in Instagram Feed widget.
- Fixed: `$` is not defined in Facebook Reviews and Feed widgets.
- Tweak: Added `Hover Color` option for title/icon in Tabs widget.
- Fixed: Active tab Margin/Padding issue in Tabs widget.
- Fixed: Vertical Tabs widget alignment issue.
- Fixed: Security bugs fixed.
- Tweak: Added `Facebook Login` Button to Premium Facebook Feed widget for easier feed pull.
- Fixed: `Maximum Value` option added to Radar chat type in Charts widget.
- Fixed: `Carousel Arrows Position` option shows when `Autoplay` option is enabled in Yelp Reviews widget.
- Fixed: Loader spinner not showing on the preview page in Facebook/Twitter Feed.
- New: Added Yelp Reviews widget.
- Tweak: Added `Facebook Login` Button to Premium Facebook Reviews widget for easier reviews pull.
- Tweak: Added `Review Length` option in Google Reviews widget.
- Tweak: Added `Responsive Controls` for Premium Particles section add-on.
- Tweak: Added `Table Layout` option in Premium Table widget.
- Fixed: Divider and text in Premium Divider widget are not centered in some themes.
- Fixed: `Button Size` in Unfold widget not applied on the front-end.
- Fixed: Back side `Link` unclickable on Microsoft Edge in Flip Box widget.
- Fixed: Twitter/Facebook Feed time elapsed Singular/Plural issue.
- Fixed: Clipped reviewer profile picture in Google Reviews widget.
- Tweak: Added `Fade Speed` option for Ken Burns section add-on.
- Fixed: Posts` images don't appear in Facebook Feed widget.
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