Report Improvements by Xon

xF2 Add-on Report Improvements by Xon 2.18.3

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  • Fix server error when the an approval queue entry exists but the content has been hard deleted (this shouldn't happen)
  • Workaround XF bug when a hinted event handler is called without any hint
  • Compatibility fix with Report Center Essentials v2.12.0 and earlier. Recommend updating to Report Center Essentials v2.12.1+
  • Fix "Maximum non-moderator users who can handle reports" option being ignored and defaulting to 1000
  • Fix edge-case where users where unexpectedly returned as being assignable to a report when unexpected data was in the xf_user_group_relation table
  • Increase cache time for report assignable list from 5 minutes to 1 hour, and add active expiring when permissions are changed
  • Fix reports could be kicked out of a closed state when logging a warning changes
  • Fix new install permission changes did not correctly apply for sites which user per-user permissions
  • Support Forum reply-ban by xon add-on (paid)
  • Fix possible error when using XFES and searching via report states
  • Fix report search result having bad word wrapping of the reported content's title when including the report status
  • Fix "All reports by user" moderator search
    • Requires re-indexing of report comments
  • Fix approval queue would report an incorrect total number of items
  • Improve display of warning/reply-ban details in reports on mobiles
  • Add report search option "Deleted/Warned content: include/exclude/only"
    • requires re-indexing reports/report comments
  • Improve approval queue filter for mobiles when including/exluding reported content
  • Allow configuring defaults in approval queue for add-on options
    • When @NixFifty's Tickets add-on is installed, add 'exclude users without tickets' filter to approval queue
  • Fix report assigned label being a raw phrase string instend of being rendered
  • Improve UI when issuing a warning on content which does not have a report
  • Fix "Column 'warning_definition_id' cannot be null" error when issuing a warning with a reply-ban on some MySQL configurations
  • Fix that report quick search didn't search reported content
  • Improve new-install work-flow by immediately rebuilding permissions for affected moderators instead of after various rebuild-tasks which may take considerable time