We are pleased to announce the release of WHMCS 6.3.1.

This is a maintenance release for the 6.3 series of WHMCS that includes bug fixes & other updates.

Both a full release and incremental patch set upgrade are being made available. If you are running the immediate previous release 6.3.0, you can use the incremental patch set to upgrade.

Release Notes

  • GlobalsignSSL Module has new API endpoints - Globalsign has introduced a new API for purchasing SSL certificates. WHMCS now supports their new API version. It's highly recommended that you upgrade to this latest version of WHMCS if you depend on the GlobalsignSSL module before they fully deprecate the older API.
  • Provide Project Manager reports unencoded - The Project Manager addon reports, like other reports for WHMCS, are provided unencoded to aid and guide developers wishing to author their own reports.
  • Clear support ticket note draft storage on successful submission - Ensure that saved notes are cleared from the browser's internal storage on submission, otherwise subsequent notes will start autofilled with the previous note. This requires you to apply the provided admin template update.
Template Changes

Six Template

For a list of changed files and graphical view of the exact changes, please refer to the Github repo below.
For users upgrading from 6.3.0 The following link provides a comparison of changes between 6.3.0 and later and 6.3.1. Comparing v6.3.0-release.1...v6.3.1-release.1 · WHMCS/templates-six
Order Forms

Standard Cart There were no changes to the Standard Cart in 6.3.1.


CORE-9888 - Improve markdown formatting for nested lists
CORE-9896 - Prevent fatal error when attempting to activate secondary language for email templates
Also known as: CORE-9901
CORE-9898 - Improve markdown formatting in client email notification of new support tickets
CORE-9899 - Clear support ticket note draft storage on successful submission
CORE-9902 - Do not create invoices for free products/services at time of order
Also known as: CORE-9980
CORE-9903 - Prevent CSS styling rules from rendering in plain-text version of email messages
CORE-9905 - Send message properly populates email from client in client services page
CORE-9907 - Ensure Carbon object is always available to Renew function
CORE-9911 - Easy translation should fallback to default language
CORE-9913 - Easy Translation should allow HTML in product descriptions
Also known as: MODULE-6393
CORE-9917 - Update Easy Translation field configuration logic to ensure translations can be deleted properly
CORE-9921 - Remove erroneous spaces from admin area open new ticket message box
CORE-9922 - Exclude merged tickets from "Awaiting Reply" count in admin area
CORE-9929 - Exclude merged tickets from Support Tickets Overview widget
CORE-9933 - Fix invalid shorthand attribute syntax in OAuth layout template
CORE-9940 - Prevent markdown editor word count failing for certain languages
Also known as: MODULE-6390
CORE-9948 - Show markdown editor when composing new client notes
CORE-9951 - Prevent hidden configurable options from showing up in client order summary
CORE-9955 - Fix handling of emails where subject contains a non-existent ticket mask


ADDON-5985 - Provide Project Manager reports unencoded
MODULE-6384 - GlobalSign SSL: Update module port to new 4.x API
MODULE-6385 - Interworx: Only fall back to server IP if hostname not available
MODULE-6391 - TPP Wholesale Registrar: Fix invalid method reference
MODULE-6394 - OnlineNIC: Resolve failing response validation and processing
Also known as: CORE-9919
MODULE-6395 - Address Two-Factor Authentication activation conflict with Markdown editor
CORE-9794 - eNom SSL: Clear cart if transactions are pending from a previous eNom session
CORE-9857 - Use more predictable method of determining a clients preferred payment gateway


CORE-9918 - Ensure GetClientsProducts returns product custom fields in client's language
CORE-9937 - Ensure API GetSupportStatuses is returning all support ticket statuses
CORE-9945 - Improve UpdateClient API support of 'password2' parameter


CORE-9878 - Turkish translation additions and improvements to client and admin area
CORE-9909 - Portuguese translation additions and improvements
CORE-9927 - Romanian translation additions and improvements to client area
CORE-9931 - Portugese domain search translation improvements
CORE-9936 - Arabic translation additions and improvements
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