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    WP DeBlocker 3.2.2

    DeBlocker is a powerful tool and money-saving plugin for websites created by WordPress. The goal of this Plugin is to ask a website visitor to disable browser extensions that block ads. The Plugin defines most browser extensions for ads blocking, such as AdBlock & Adblock Plus, uBlock &...
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    xF2 Add-on Thread Reply Banner 2.5.1

    Displayed per-thread banners above the editor for users. Features: Displays in both Quick Reply, and preview reply views. Only fetches the thread reply banner when viewing a thread that can be replied to. Text may be up to 65536 characters long, and supports bbcode. Logs modifications of these...
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    xF2 Add-on Banner 2.3

    Description: Banner management system. Displays random banners in your header, forum list, forum view and thread view. The Banner add-on is designed for self hosted banners, these banners images are served from your server. (Example of banner in forum list) (Example of Banner admin link...
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    xF2 Add-on Ads Manager 2 by Siropu 2.4.16

    There are 11 ad types available: 1. Code Display HTML/JavaScript ads such as affiliate banners, Amazon product widgets, Adsense, etc. This ad type also supports PHP callback to generate your own custom code. 2. Banners Display banner ads that you can upload directly or from an external source...
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