1. Admin

    xF2 Add-on Secondary group check 1.0

    Description: Allows selecting secondary user group and shows associated settings. (Example of Secondary group check page) (Example of Options page) Features: All phrases start with secondarygroupcheck_ for your convenience. How to use: Add 'secondarygroupcheck' to your forum URL...
  2. Admin

    xF2 Add-on Post check 1.5

    Description: Verifies each post has a valid thread. This add-on will find posts which do not have valid thread numbers. It will allow deletion of these orphaned posts from the xf_post and xf_deletion_log tables. (Example of Post check page) Installation: Download...
  3. Admin

    xF2 Add-on Redis Flood Check 2.0.4

    Moves flood checking use Redis-based atomic keys rather than scratch tables in MySQL Contributing features or bug fixes Please create a GitHub Pull request via the "Find more info at github.com..." link. Contributions If you appreciate this add-on, please consider a contribution via PayPal...
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