1. Admin

    xF2 Add-on [UH] XFRM Tags In Discussion 2.2.9

    This simple add-on will add tags created when the resource is placed to the thread of discussion. Adds a new option: AdminCP -->> Setup -->> Options -->> XenForo Resource Manager -->> Add resource tags in discussion
  2. R

    Script Forum Module for Newsmaker 1.0

    Forum module is a script which extends original functionality of Newsmaker – CMS and Social Network. It gives you ability to create forum where your users can discuss about news which are posted on Newsmaker. This module is simple to use and install. It has admin dashboard which give you...
  3. R

    Script esoTalk Fat-free forum software + Skin & Plugins V 1.0

    esoTalk is lightweight, free open-source forum software for the web.
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