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    @Admin I sent the money several days ago, brother, and I do not receive an answer from anyone, and says that the transaction was canceled, can you help me please, I do not know where to put a ticket to the technical support I sent 25 euros, x 1 month of vip .. I have not received anything yet...
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    Custom User groups avatar borders

    Hello! So let me show you my frustration. xD I was using an older version of Xenforo and this code, was working perfectly. It was looking like this: .Av3 img { /* ADMIN */ border: 3px groove Red !important; } .Av3 span.img.s { border: 3px groove Red !important; } .Av28 img { /* JRMOD*/...
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    UI.X dark 1.5.12

    there have someone already using this version? i only found 1.5.11 and with some related BUGS. just want to be noticed with that, so i can keep searching or only wait till it relealse. also i rly want a theme/style, one who works fine on 1.5.12. Rul3z - keep rockin .#1
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    Please Help, I can't Post On My xenforo Forum Anymore

    Hello guys, please I really need your help cause I discover that recently my forum was having with posting thread and also replying post which has to do with comment. I can't no more see the blank for reply and only i was able to post reply so i can't comment and i have try using my pc ...
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    Staff Messages

    Hey. I Need Help, I Want To Do Something On My Forum, But It's Kind Of Complicated... I Want For An Image To The Staff Messages In Thread, Like This: Img 1 But It Looks Like This: Img 2 :/ Thanks In Advance! <3
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    Help with configuiring #Rekt home page

    Hi. As you can see in the #Rekt style demo HERE there is a custom home page. In xenforo's official forums there is a tutorial how to setup this, but it is only available for paid users. Can you guys help me setup the same home page. Thanks!