1. Admin

    xF2 Add-on [OzzModz] Most Ever Online 2.0.1

    This is a free add-on made by me that will show the counts of the most users that have ever been online. It includes counts for all users, members, and guests. You have the option to display counts for any or all of the 3. Totals, members, or guests via permissions. You can choose to display...
  2. CiYaRa

    WP News Magazine Papr 1.2.2

    Papr is a premium and trendy Newspaper, Online News, Magazine and Blog WordPress Theme with super flexibility and fully responsive design. It is a perfect fit for Online News, Newspaper, Magazine, News Agencies, Travel & Tour Agencies, Business Magazines, Food, Lifestyle Brands, and Technology...
  3. CiYaRa

    WP Edufair 1.1

    Edufair is a complete Learning Management System ( LMS ). Teachers can earn money by selling their course. Edufair has 6 complete demos for Online Course, University, High School and Kindergarten. It is perfect for any kind of Educational website. It is very easy to use. Fully Responsive Online...
  4. Admin

    xF2 Add-on [OzzModz] Auto Refresh Online 2.0.0

    This small addon will automatically refresh your online page if it is open in a tab. This is something from back in the old days of forums, and I thought it would be nice to have it available on XenForo. There are two settings for the addon. Enable the addon. You can enable/disable the addon...
  5. B

    xF2 Dev Tutorials Ajouter un indicateur de statut en ligne ou hors ligne PULSE

    Aujourd'hui je vous partages un tutoriel vous permettant d'ajouter un indicateur de statut en ligne ou hors ligne qui pulse autour de l'avatar ! Dans votre template message_macros chercher ceci (CTRL + F) <xf:if is="$xf.options.showMessageOnlineStatus && $user && $user.isOnline()"> <span...
  6. Admin

    xF2 Add-on Members recently online 3.0

    Description: Displays a block containing members recently online. (Example of Members recently online widget) (Example of Members recently online widget with Show avatars option enabled) (Example of Options page) (Example of User group permissions) Features: All phrases start...
  7. Admin

    WP Soho Hotel 2.1.4

    Introducing Soho Hotel Booking 2.0 (Completely re-designed and developed) Soho Hotel allows you to easily create a website which works for your hotel – receive and manage bookings, payments and guest queries with ease. Main Features Online Booking: Accept online bookings and let your...
  8. Admin

    WP Clever Course 2.0.3

    Clever Course is a LMS (Learning Management System) wordpress theme. It’s suitable for school, university, college, education etc.. This theme is designed especially for creating and sell courses. You can sell both online course either onsite course. For online, each course can be separate...
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