1. CiYaRa

    WP Soledad 7.2.0

    Main Features List 5000+ homepages demo for multiple purposes Compatible with Elementor Page Builder. Compatible with WPBakery Page Builder. More than 30+ custom elements for Elementor & WPBakery Page Builder. Compatible with EU GDPR policy Schema Markup & Google Structured Data Supports &...
  2. CiYaRa

    WP Qalam 1.2.3

    Qalam includes a clean and modern design, backed by a multitude of customization options using the Elementor Page Builder and Kirki Customizer. Built with semantic markup and streamlined code, the theme is optimized for SEO and microdata schemas. Qalam supports commercials in important places on...
  3. Admin

    WP Saxon 1.7.1

    Saxon – Viral Content Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme Saxon is a clean, elegant and responsive WordPress theme that is ready and waiting to be transformed into your own personal blog or dynamic magazine site. Build any blogging website with easy with real-time WordPress Customizer preview and...
  4. Admin

    xF2 Template Modification [OzzModz] Remove History Button From Posts 1.0.1

    This simple addon removes the history button from posts. Yes, there is an XF2 option that will remove the button as well, ACP --> Setup --> Options --> Logging options "Enable edit history tracking and prune after:" . But should you choose that option to remove the button, then edit history...
  5. Admin

    xF2 Add-on Featured posts 2.3

    Description: Displays a random featured post from selected forums. The first post of the thread is selected at random and will be displayed in the forum list or other widget location. (Example of Featured posts) (Example of Options page) (Example of User group permissions)...
  6. RevisedSecurity

    xF1 Add-on Thread Stencil -- Default and customizable content for posts per forum 1.0.0

    Thread Stencil by ExtraLicense This addon lets you predefine the editor content when somebody creates a new thread. You can define the text for each forum. How does it work? When you edit a node in the ACP, you will now see a new textbox where you can define what will be put by default in...
  7. S

    WP Facebook Insights Multi Page 2.1

    DEMO Website: – Admin Username: admin Password: admin – Customer Username: customer Password: customer INFORMATION You have difficulty in managing too many accounts on google analytics website statistics. Google Analytics Multi Website help you solve this Website...
  8. R

    Script Forum Module for Newsmaker 1.0

    Forum module is a script which extends original functionality of Newsmaker – CMS and Social Network. It gives you ability to create forum where your users can discuss about news which are posted on Newsmaker. This module is simple to use and install. It has admin dashboard which give you...
  9. R

    Script Poly Blogging Platform 1.6

    Poly is a multi-use web based software, especially designed to build user-friendly useful to modify blogs and websites. Poly is a platform for those specialised in blogging and web design, and provides them with simplified and flexible interface, search engine optimisation, easy publishing...
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