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    xF2 Add-on [XenFun] Remove RSS From Footer + Protect RSS 2.2.0

    This add-on allows you to remove the RSS link from your forum footer and Protect RSS. Features: Remove RSS Link from the footer in everywhere. No additional permission required. Protect RSS. Before: After: Installation: Download XenFunRemoveRSSFromFooterProtect RSS-2.2.0.zip Go to...
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    Feeder Extended

    Hello team i know this Add on is paid and if you bring it here will be for premium members. i will be premium member soon because i see many things i need and very good. but really i need this add on please get it for premium member which i will be one of them...
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    xF1 Add-on [HA] News Ticker 1.0.9a

    Resource Name [HA] News Ticker Description / Features General Features: Fully Responsive Support both LTR and RTL Style Properties for all parts (so that you make your own appearance for each ticker to fit your style) Documentation where needed Tabbed Options (so you can easily manage...
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