wp plugins

  1. CiYaRa

    WP Telegram Chat Plugin for WordPress 1.0.0

    Telegram Chat by Elfsight is the fastest way for people to address you and get their questions answered. You will stay available online in one the most well-used chat 24/7. Integrate Telegram Chat on your website and it can only be active on selected pages or for certain categories of audience...
  2. CiYaRa

    WP Hreflang Manager 1.09

    What is the hreflang HTML attribute? The hreflang HTML attribute, which goes inside link elements included in the HEAD section of the page, helps search engines understand that certain pages are targeted for a specified language or country. By implementing this attribute you can send your users...
  3. CiYaRa

    WP Easy Query Pro 2.2.2

    Easy Query Pro is the fastest way to create and display complex queries without touching a single line of code. When working with WordPress post and page templates, you sometimes need to use WP_Query, a class that allows you to customize the output of various information. Custom Query Designer...
  4. Admin

    WP AMP for WP (+ Extension Bundle) 1.0.3

    AMP for WP automatically adds the accelerated mobile page feature (Google AMP project) to your WordPress site. AMP makes your website faster for mobile users. AMP Page Builder Convenient and easy to use page builder for AMP, which helps to create complex layouts without touching the code.
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