Nulled Buzzy 4.5.0 Nulled

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  • New: RSS Feed Fetcher. Added automated RSS feed posts fetcher.
  • New: Translations are very easy now. Translate your system to any language in Admin Panel > Translations page.
  • New: Buzzy AMP plugin. Enable/disable AMP pages with this plugin.
  • New: Buzzy Multi-Language plugin. Turn on/off multi-language with this plugin.
  • New: Multi-language support for categories and menus.
  • New: Support for bulk actions to admin panel post tables.
  • New: Added TinyMCE and Froala text editor options to post editor. Now you can choose TinyMCE(new default), Simditor(old) or Froala editor from Admin Panel > Other Settings.
  • Added: Image upload inside text editor. This is only possible with TinyMCE and Froala text editors.
  • Added: Max file upload size option to Admin Panel > Storage Settings.
  • Added: Support to choose "smtp", "mailgun", "ses", "sendmail", "log" mail drivers to Admin Panel > Mail Settings.
  • Improved: Post Categories and tags now has own tables. Works more smoothly.
  • Improved: Search page. Now searching in post tags and post entries.
  • Improved: RTL support.
  • Upgraded to latest version of Laravel Framework. Laravel ^8.5 (Requires at least PHP >=7.4.0 version to work properly. PHP 8 is recommended)
  • Fixed: A number of smaller issues.