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Update highlights

This version addresses a shortcoming in the User Criteria integration, where it was only possible to check for orders that were "Awaiting payment" but not "Pending. The difference is; an order "Awaiting payment" is where the payment process started but was aborted, whereas a "Pending" order did not even start the payment process.

Complete Change Log

Feature: New criteria: "User has one or more pending orders"
Change: Update composer packages
Update highlights

A change in the UK tax office's API broke VAT ID validation for UK VAT numbers.

Complete Change Log

Account for changed API in the UK VAT validation process
Update highlights

This version adds a new feature; Product Welcome Emails. When someone purchases a product or renews a license, they're sent a welcome email, if one is configured for that product. Welcome emails are defined per product and can use either HTML or plain text.

Also changed is better support for VAT number validation for United Kingdom VAT IDs.

Lastly, a server error that could occur with guest checkouts has been corrected.

Complete Change Log

Feature: Product welcome email, sent to users when they purchase a product / renew a license
Change: The product list API now returns LatestVersion info
Change: Change UTF-8 related functions
Change: Product list filter in the AdminCP now only filters the current page
Change: Implemented alternative VAT number validation for UK/GB VAT numbers
Fix: Fix an error that can occur with guest checkouts
Update highlights

This version resolves a potential server error when viewing certain pages (mostly administrative editing pages).

Complete Change Log

Fix: Fix potential server errors when viewing certain pages
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Update highlights

This version adds a major new feature; quantity support for physical products. When adding the same product variant to cart, it'll also merge into the existing order item, making bulk orders easier than ever.

Another important change in this version is an update to support the new API for fetching the list of countries. You now require a (free) API key in order to fetch this data, added via the new setting.

Lastly, a few bugs have been fixed.

Complete Change Log

Feature: Physical products now have quantity support
Change: Rollup the product list / infinite scroll files to reduce amount of HTTP requests
Fix: Updated the Country API to account for changes in 3rd party services (now requires an API key)
Fix: Fix a potential server error
Update highlights

This version updates the Infinite Scroll library to reduce its size, thus reducing load time for first time visitors. Furthermore, a bug has been resolved where an old product release thread would display a server error if the product had since been deleted.

Lastly, a couple bugs with the XR Product Manager importer has been resolved.

Complete Change Log

Change: Update Infinite Scroll library to reduce its file size
Fix: A thread belonging to a now-deleted product could produce a server error
Fix: Handle additional order states when importing from XR PM
Fix: Fix a server error when importing XR PM Product Fields
Update highlights

The most important part of this release is: This product now requires PHP 7.3. This is a requirement set by one of the most important 3rd party libraries used by eCommerce, so it's entirely outside of our control. This library has had an important update that needed to be included in a release prior to Jan 1st 2021.

Please be aware that if you are not able to update to PHP 7.4 yourself, you should contact your web host and ask them to assist you with upgrading.
PHP 7.2 has been officially declared end-of-life and no longer receives security updates. Continuing to run PHP 7.2 may expose your website to unpatched security vulnerabilities or exploits.

The U.K. will no longer be classed as an EU country as of Jan 1st 2021, and its sales tax rate will no longer be automatically updated past that date.

This version also improves database query performance of the release / download lists in the front-end, meaning the functionality will scale better when you have a lot of releases available.

Complete Change Log

Change: Multiple performance improvements for download/release list in the front-end (Thanks @Xon)
Change: Updated PHP version requirement to 7.3
Change: The UK will no longer be listed as an EU country as of Jan 1st 2021
Fix: Fix potential server error during checkout
Update highlights

This version fixes an issue where physical products being checked out as guests could generate a server error when the payment notification was returned from the payment processor.

Complete Change Log

Fix: Fix guest checkout of physical products causing a server error
Update highlights

This version adds support for og:image / twitter:image meta tags for product URLs, making your rich embeds in places like Twitter or Discord show the product's icon.

Furthermore, some internal code tweaks took place, for improved support for Xon's MultiPrefix.

Note: If you are running Xon's MultiPrefix, please update to v2.8.14.

Complete Change Log

Feature: Add og:image / twitter:image metadata tags for the main product page
Change: Update type hints for Inline Moderation
Update highlights

This version updates the UX of the address book feature, by correctly displaying which fields are required.

Complete Change Log

Change: The default category description's link should now be correct
Change: Required address fields are now marked as such when adding/editing an address
Change: Update bundled Infinite Scroll library
Fix: In certain cases, a server error could be generated when running rebuild jobs or merging users
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