WHMCS Kohost 8.0.0 Nulled

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- [WHMCS] Updated WHMCS version to 8.5.1
- [WHMCS] Fixed suggested domain search result option
- [WHMCS] Updated WHMCS template and Orderform to version 8.4.1
 Added click and slide option in VPS slider
- [WHMCS] Updated WHMCS template and orderform to version 8.3.2
- [WHMCS] Fixed Ticket center align issues
- [WHMCS] Added the product group feature
- [WHMCS] Updated WHMCS template and orderform to version 8.3.0
- [WHMCS] Updated WHMCS template and orderform to version 8.2.1
- [WHMCS] Fixed the laguage selection design issue on Footer
- [WHMCS] Updated the design of payment method in checkout page

- Fixed the validation issue on contact form in HTML
- app.js
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- Added 7 new home pages on the HTML template.
- Added 6 new application hosting pages on HTML template
- Added new specifications pricing page
- Added domain checker pricing list section
- Added CSRF token for
- Added application hosting section
- Updated pricing section
- Updated contact-form-process.php file
- Updated app.js file
- Updated domain checker and transfer page
- Updated WHMCS template version to 8.1.3
- Updated WHMCS language file lang>english.php
- Check the changed file list
- Fixed the wrong name of the template in WHMCS general setting
- Fixed the CSS caching issue in WHMCS template
- Fix the height issue on WHMCS product pricing
- Redesigned the WHMCS service details page
- Fixed the line break issue in WHMCS billing cycle
- Fixed the spacing issue in WHMCS client register page
- Fixed the sidebar issue in WHMCS support ticket details page
- Fixed the captcha aligned issue in WHMCS pages
- Fixed the W3C HTML validation issue for HTML template
- Used WHOIS lib to improve domain search
- Add whois folder on libs folder
- Updated "domain-search-result.php" file
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