Multi Prefix

xF2 Add-on Multi Prefix 2.9.6

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  • Fix support for XF2.2+ suggestion forums implemented/closed prefixs selection working with threads with multiple prefixes
  • Update minimum supported versions for;
    • DbTech Shop v6.4.3+
    • DbTech eCommerce v2.2.3+
Thanks @DragonByte Tech
  • Support @DragonByte Tech Shop v6.4.1+
  • Relax requirement for eCommerce to work with XF2.1 compatible version
  • Fix XF2.1.1+ compatibility, impacting some 3rd party add-ons
  • Revert forcing an index hint when filtering by prefix as it produces very poor query plans on mariadb 10.3.x
  • Remove support for XFRM v2.0.x, require XFRM v2.1.0+
  • Compatibility fix for XF2.1.8
  • Include prefix list when saying a prefix can't be removed
  • Fix errors did not use the prefix's title, and instead had a phrase string
  • Fix prefix not selecting when switching from a forum which only allows at most 1 prefix and a forum which allows more than 1 prefix
  • Add "Strip unusable prefixes" option (default true) to control how individual content's move command handles moving where prefixes are not permitted to be used
  • Fix " [E_NOTICE] Undefined index: prefix_id" when filtering by a prefixes for resources
Improve upgrading from older XF1 versions
  • XF2.1 compatibility fix where scrolling inside a prefix group would not work
  • Compatibility fix when extending javascript
  • Fix @DragonByte Tech's eCommerce integration