WHMCS 6.1.1 Full by NulledTeam

Nulled WHMCS WHMCS 6.1.1 Full by NulledTeam 6.1.1

No permission to download
This version has been nulled by NulledTeam
(Downloaded from WHMCS.com and edited license information from License.php file of previous version). I recommended upgrade to this for security. We do not include anything make harm your site.


This is the recommended version for all new installations & upgrades from any earlier version


CORE-6590 (#3490) - Use fixed colors for event types in admin area calendar
CORE-6620 (#3572) - Prevent duplicate Activity Log entry when executing email marketer rules
CORE-8499 - Allow SSL Certificates to be reissued following move between client accounts
CORE-8517 - Improve logic used to determine nameservers for domain registration when multiple service records exist
CORE-8827 - Auto-select radio option when dropdown selection choice is made in tax rule configuration
CORE-8943 - Custom Fields do not show in Client Area for cPanel Products
CORE-8985 - Recent News panel renders invalid announcement URLs with SEO URLs enabled
CORE-9094 - Add ability to toggle Bulk Domain Search Enabled setting
CORE-9158 - Select-all text on click in cron and piping command configuration fields
CORE-9159 - Product groups not displaying product bundles when group contains no products
CORE-9166 - Order form minimum price parameter should obey currency formatting rules
CORE-9169 - Prevent infinite scroll on configure product and view cart steps in new carts
CORE-9170 - Cron task health checks show failed status erroneously
CORE-9172 - Inherit default domain auto renew status for new domain orders
CORE-9173 - Sequential Invoice Number Format reverts to previous value on save
CORE-9175 - Erroneous invalid expiry message when adding new card in Standard Cart order form
CORE-9176 - Extraneous space in license key causes branding to appear in client area
CORE-9182 - Toggling of addons and configurable options do not refresh order summary after cycle change
CORE-9186 - Domain name not displayed for domain registration/transfer items in cart
CORE-9197 - Standard Cart order summary loader icon does not display when summary not top aligned
CORE-9199 - Standard Cart login as existing client fails on checkout step
CORE-9203 - Secondary Sidebar Billing panel incorrectly named My Services Actions
CORE-9213 - Hide bulk search button in domain checker when disabled
CORE-9216 - Fix improper recalculation of domain add-ons

CORE-8974 - cPanel Client Area Disk and Bandwidth usage dials render as zero when over limits

CORE-9188 - Domain checker bulk placeholder language string causes lookup to fail when it includes quotes
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